portfolio #3

This portfolio is going to be a book. I’m reading its called The Contender it is about a boxer named Alfred I haven’t gotten very far into the book so I cant give my opinion on it yet but what from I have read it seems to be a very good book  I remember a few bits and peaces about it I think you have to read it for yourself to find out about Alfred and his story and his story is quite interesting because the story starts of with him looking for his friend. That is I can tell you about this book I can recommend it to anyone its just that there are a few cuss word in there so be careful of that.

portfolio project #1

The classes that were involve in this project were isc it was a coloring project were we had to draw a town and color it. My partner did the drawing I did the coloring.  We had streets, mountains , buildings,  stores, etc.   It took us at least two days to make in class.

What I learned from this is that if you put effort in to your artwork you can draw the best.