The debate about cell phone use in schools  some people think its good some people think its bad  because its a distraction  in class and people  use it cheat in class  some thinks its good because they can use to stay in touch and for emergencies

I have mixed opinion about  cell phone use in schools. it would be a good thing if they could be used for education  but also  could be distracting  i might be tempted to listen to music  and play games on it

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Assignment #4 – The Debate

Assignment #3

We made a digital footprint as a class project i learned that to never anything embarrassing online  always keep in mind that once information is posted online it will be impossible to remove  and to never vandalize anyone’s car

I watched jadya and madys digital footprint

assignment #2 Safe Blogging

You should always use technology the way its supposed to be used  and you should never share personal info with anyone and no giving out links to strangers.

Here are some other tips:

  • you should always think before you post
  •  and only post things you want you school mates to know
  • Don’t plagiarize
  • and don’t photos of your classmates

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